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Winter Stitching List --- The finale!

Ya ha llegado la hora
The time has come

de repasar la lista de proyectos terminados este invierno, como ha pasado tan rapido? 
to check our Winter Stitching Lists!, how did it go so fast?. 

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Vamos a ver,
Let's see, 
1. I will finish my son's quilt, and this is a priority, I am hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks. This quilt has been hanging around for a long time now. Finished, yippei!
Terminar el quilt de mi hijo, esto lo tengo como prioridad, espero terminarlo en las proximas semanas. Este quilt ya ha dado muchas vueltas!. Terminado!

2. I have  two quilts that need to be finished from my 60 degree diamond epp QAL. I am so happy with this group that I might even start a third one!. Not that I need it, but it is a great project to sew in front of an open fire, perfect for winter.Both finished!!!
Tengo dos quilts que terminar del grupo 60 degree diamond. Seguramente empiece un tercero, me encanta hacer este quilt, es genial mientras ves una pelicula, charlando, ...Terminados!!!

3. I am working on a table runner, I am using the log cabin tecnique and it will be my first table runner. Ok, I totally disliked the original table runner, so I decided to sew a table runner out of my Solstice Stars blocks. It only needs to be quilted!. 

Estoy trabajando en un camino de mesa, estoy utilizando la tecnica log cabin, ya veremos como queda. Bueno, el camino de mesa original esta ya desmontado, no me gusto nada!, y he montado este otro para compensar!, ja,ja. 

4. I am going back to work in a few weeks and my dear daughter will go to the creche, I couldn't possible sent her without a cute little bag sew by her mom, could I. So this is priority number 2 on my list.Finished as well!

Como vuelvo a trabajar prontito, mi chiquitina tendra que ir a la guarderia, y no la voy a dejar ir sin una bolsita mona para llevar sus cositas, por supuesto. Esta es mi prioridad numero dos. Tambien terminado!

5. Oh dear, my Farmer's wife quilt top!, what can I say, it needs to be finished!. If I manage to put the top together I will be delighted. Some progress here, but more needs to be done!.

Y que decir de mi Farmer's wife quilt, tengo que terminarlo!. Si consigo terminarlo estare encantada. He avanzado un poquitin, pero me quedan bastantes bloques por terminar. 

6. I always like to have a couple of baby quilts ready for a last minute present, I have nothing at the moment, so i need to work on this as well. I have seen a pattern that I fancy with a tiny bit of applique, so I will be uing my rotary cutter very soon. This will also be my first encounter with applique. I am working on two baby quilts at the moment, better than nothing I guess!

Me gusta tener un par de quilts para bebes preparados por si tengo que hacer algun regalito, en estos momentos no tengo ninguno, pero he visto un patron que me gusta bastante y tiene un poquito de aplique, con lo que me voy a animar a cortar telitas muy pronto. Esta sera la primera vez que hago aplique. Estoy trabajando en dos quilts para bebe en este momento, aun me queda bastante para completarlos!. 

7. I would love to finish quilting and binding my pretty quilt before the end of winter. I will start quilting as soon as I buy the wadding. Another finished!, I am not doing too bad actually!

Me encantaria terminar de acolchar y coser el bies a mi bonito quilt antes del final del invierno. En el momento que compre la guata me pondre manos a la obra.Otro quilt terminado, parece que no voy muy mal!. 

8. As my blog is still a baby, I still have to work a lot on it, I have a few things that I would like to change. I guess I will spent a lot of hours in front of my computer this winter!.I changed quite a few things on the blog. 

Como este blog es un bebe, tengo que ocuparme de el un poquito, me gustaria cambiar algunas cositas. Me imagino que voy a pasar muchas horas frente a mi ordenador este invierno!. Cambien algunas cosillas en el blog, pero aun no esta todo terminado. 

This list actually helped me to keep focus for the winter, ok, I started a lot of projects here and there, but I actually finish  something!. So,  ladies, I am linking this post to Sara's blog, I am so looking forward to see what the rest have achieved!. 

Pero antes de decir adios, que os parece el colgante que mi querida Raquel (Winyjack) me ha enviado? Estoy encantadisima!, ya os ire mostrando el resto de preciosidades que me ha enviado poco a poco!
Before saying goodbye, what do you think about my pendant? I am so delighted with it!. Stop by Raquel's  blog for more of this, you will be amazed!, she is such a talented lady. 

Un saludote, y gracias por vuestra visita!
All the best, thank you for your visit!. 

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  1. Wow, Ana, you got some gorgeous things done. Love your star quilts, they are amazing!

  2. Gracias guapa, por este lindo enlace.
    Un besote.

  3. Pero bueno cuantas cosas maravillosas !!!
    Me alegro que vallas terminando cositas y retomes las aparcadas .
    Besitos y feliz semana

  4. Your pendant is cute and you got through and completed some gorgeous quilts! Love your diamond quilts, coincidentally I just started the 60 deg diamond last night!!! Love your table runner too! Fi

  5. Everything looks wonderful. Really like your star quilt!