lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Los ultimos bloques de Noviembre. The last blocks of November.


     Esta semana no he avanzado mucho en mi Farmer's wife, mi objetivo era terminar al menos 6 bloques, y me he quedado en la mitad!. Aun asi estoy contenta, aun sigo teniendo muchos fallos, pero estoy aprendiendo muchisimo con este quilt.


     Well I haven't progress as much I would have loved to on my Farmer's wife, but on the other hand I am quite pleased with everything I am learning. I still have a long way to go, and so many areas to improved, but I am holding there!.

                    Entre bloque y bloque estoy acolchando un quilt a mano, que espero poder mostraros pronto.

     En mi  cesta de proyectos no cabe ninguno mas, con lo que he decidido terminarlos todos antes de empezar uno nuevo. Lo conseguire?

     This week I am also quilting a quilt, and made myself focus on all the projects that need to be finished! Not an easy task. I am trying not to start any new project, will I succeed?

     Espero que os gusten estos bloques,
     I hope you like my blocks

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  1. I am making the Farmer's Wife Quilt, too! I enjoyed looking at your blocks.